Interactions Hub

for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Automated process. Intelligent decisions. Seamless compliance.

Interactions Hub by PwC

Interactions Hub is a one-stop-shop solution built on Appian's low-code automation platform for managing HCP, HCO and patient interactions such as consulting engagements, grants, speaker programs, and expanded access programs. It digitizes the end-to-end process, from planning through contracting to payment. By natively linking to PwC spend transparency and regulatory solutions, it offers you a holistic view of your interactions.

  • A single-system solution for anyone, anywhere to manage interactions: Digitize the entire interactions lifecycle using a single HCP engagement solution that links with your peripheral systems, and serves as your guide for business processes and compliance rules.

  • Technology powered by experience: We’ve combined our decades of experience in managing HCP/HCO and patient interactions with leading intelligent automation that creates a smart product, and a smart choice for you.

  • Eliminate complexity: Our intuitive process and interface guides users through interactions in a single HCP engagement system, providing visibility for decisive action that cuts noise and creates value.

Part of an end-to-end automated compliance experience

  • Mobile enabled

  • Intelligently automated

  • Powered by specialized PwC experience

  • Only low code solution of its kind

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