Why cyber-ready now is not enough

This guide discusses why risk-focused cyber investments been rising significantly.

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A sense of cyber-urgency has seized the public and private sectors. Cyber threats jumped to CEOs’ number one concern in the US, and number two globally, according to our 24th Annual CEO Survey. These CEOs are putting their money where their worries are.

Read "Cyber-ready — today and for tomorrow" to learn:

  • Why companies are spending more on cybersecurity and privacy than ever before

  • How businesses and other organizations are allocating resources in people, processes (governance) and technology

  • What it means to be cyber-ready, with key findings from our survey

You can’t promise that your organization will not be breached, not when intrusions are happening by the thousands or millions every hour. But you should be able to say that, one, you’ve secured the infrastructure your organization’s sustainable growth depends on and that, two, when the inevitable breach happens, your stakeholders can trust your organization to respond quickly and protect their interests.

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