Enterprise Control

Automated monitoring and testing of SOX and ERP controls.

Enterprise Control by PwC

Enterprise Control is an integrated analytic engine that can be connected to your ERP or Business Application, enabling organizations to automate the operation and testing of compliance activities while providing an approach to monitoring systemic risks proactively in one, end to end risk and control platform.

  • Lower the cost of compliance: Automation of the  monitoring and testing of controls helps reduce the cost of compliance, by replacing time consuming manual processes, and allowing your team to focus on risk based decision-making.

  • Control the unexpected: Enterprise Control helps you identify the blind spots and shed light on the risks within your enterprise system so you can quickly take action early in the process.

  • Designate accountability to drive results: Route insights to the right business owner at the right time to immediately action identified risk anomalies.

Enterprise Control helps reduce time spent on manual monitoring and testing activities, while giving you the information you need to know, when you need to know it.

Enterprise Control can help you address risk by automating the monitoring and testing of Business Application and ERP:

  • Security

  • Configurations

  • Master Data

  • Transactions

  • Controls (Manual & Systematic)

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