Enterprise Control, a PwC Product

Simplify compliance and meet regulatory demands head-on

Our end-to-end solution enables you to leverage intelligent data analysis to monitor system risks and automate the testing and operation of your internal controls.

Constant regulatory changes are escalating the cost and complexity of compliance

Harness the power of automation and analytics with an end-to-end controls solution.

Enterprise Control allows you to design and evaluate security, automate the operation and testing of application controls, and identify risk within your systems transactions - all while reducing the cost of compliance.

Centralize ownership and track resolution control

Assign accountability for various risk and control tasks and streamline remediation by routing documentation of identified issues to relevant stakeholders. Work smarter so that you can more effectively leverage your current resources.

Increased quality, predictable outcomes, & reduced risk

Enterprise Control offers a contonuously-expanding library of capabilities to help organizations manage a multitude of risks across their environment - powered by decades of trusted PwC experience.

Increased visibility for management

Provide management with clear visibility into enterprise risks, controls, exceptions, and issue mangement - all in a single platform.

Identify the unexpected with continuous monitoring

Leverage recurring analysis to identify anomalies in your master data, configurations, transactions, and security to stay ahead of auditors and protect your business.

Drive execution and accountability with workflow and issue disposition

Notify and route anomalies or potential issues to the right business owner at the right time. Once an issue has been identified, you can easily track the remediation plan from start to finish.

Demystify compliance with visibility into your complex business, security and IT processes

Our extensive library of analytics can help give you insight into what activities are happening inside your enterprise applications, helping you stay one step ahead of potential risks and protect your business.

We integrate with a number enterprise software applications and platforms.

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Get a demo of Enterprise Control

Get ready to transform your compliance journey with Enterprise Control – a trusted solution that can simplify the complexities of compliance for your organization.

Redefine your approach to regulatory requirements

As digital transformation becomes the norm, organizations need technology integration and automation that can help mitigate resource challenges. Learn how Enterprise Control can help mitigate risks and increase efficiency.

Lower the cost of compliance

When your people operate and test controls manually, it can dramatically increase time spent on the task—and the potential for errors. Gain a deeper understanding of how our automated solution can help create consistency and increase trust.

Take the first step towards a smarter experience

Discover how Enterprise Control can help you generate a holistic view of your risk and control activities, identify issues and access real-time status of your controls quickly and easily. It’s time to take a fresh look at your company’s approach.

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