Model Edge, a PwC Product

Safeguard your organization throughout the model lifecycle

Our platform enables the complete end-to-end development, management, monitoring, and governance of an organization’s AI model portfolio.

Proactively prepare for the future

Oversee the end-to-end model lifecycle with just one tool and reduce model management costs

Stay ahead of changing demands of the modeling landscape—build, deploy and explain complex models with ease. Model Edge gives you tools, templates and frameworks to identify and manage the risk of your AI and advanced analytics models more effectively. Access PwC’s real-world experience and powerful technology to centralize and automate model development and model lifecycle management. Keep pace with regulatory requirements and save time as you scope and assess new opportunities.

Manage models more effectively and with confidence

Utilize a model governance framework to put guardrails around new technologies. Help enforce and enable standardization, transparency and explainability to use AI—including generative AI—more responsibly. And enhance confidence with a searchable audit trail that helps meet MRM and regulatory standards.

Easily address emerging regulatory issues

Keep up to date with increasing requirements for complex modeling capabilities. Better handle emerging risks and regulatory requirements with pre-built models aligned to the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and other stress testing frameworks. Or run your own models through Model Edge to see if they’re current with regulators’ expectations.

Customization to address your unique business needs

Centralize end-to-end model management in a private cloud-based or on-premise solution. Our orchestration engine offers you the option to enrich your processes with pre-built assets or tailor to suit your specific business needs. With its ability to manage non-models as well, Model Edge is an agile solution designed to flex to meet your program governance objectives.

Utilize a guided experience to facilitate smarter model development

Access built-in solutions to help your team create supervised models that are fit for purpose. More than just a guide to model development, Model Edge leverages generative AI technology to help you quickly build complex models and speed up the time to market.

Get extensive documentation and reporting to make even the most complex models explainable

Make model documentation simpler with a flexible document builder. Automate updates and share reports with internal and external stakeholders to provide transparency into even your most advanced models.

Access templates and test scripts to help enforce standardization across your model portfolio

Confirm a consistent approach with templates for documents, reports and workflows that can be tailored to specific model categories and across user roles and groups. Validate faster with an integrated coding workbench that facilitates sustainable test script development.

For artificial intelligence

Models based on AI and machine learning are garnering broader use. For these and other evolving trends, Model Edge can help your team govern AI risk models more effectively, consider unintended consequences, including bias and discrimination, and identify where their performance may fall short. Get the transparency and governance that regulators and sound MRM practitioners demand.

For stress testing

Stay ahead of increasing regulations that require banks and other financial institutions to engage in more rigorous stress testing. Improve outdated models and build new ones to satisfy evolving market and regulatory conditions. Model Edge can help increase the volume and sophistication of your model portfolio, and help you better support model governance and model development processes.

For financial crime fighting

Transform risk modeling to stay ahead of bad actors. Simplify governance and documentation so your team can spend more time targeting criminal activities that change every day. Model Edge helps financial institutions easily tune and optimize anti-money laundering models and other anti-financial crime models while enabling compliance and regulations.

A customer success story for developing a sustainable MRM program

Case Study

Gate City Bank knows the science and art of risk modeling

By simplifying governance and documentation, Gate City Bank streamlined their risk model development — with processes that once took them 30 days now only taking one day.

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Get a demo of Model Edge

Learn how Model Edge can help your organization confidently manage and document models, implement responsible AI, and enhance communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

Your model management headquarters

See firsthand how Model Edge was purpose-built to serve as your integrated model management hub, streamlining and improving all aspects of your models’ lifecycle — including development, testing, validation, optimization, and governance — and standardizing model management across global teams.

Build and monitor compliant models with confidence

Experience how our platform can help you get ahead of emerging risks and regulatory reviews. Track and remediate issues in near real-time and capture changes to models with an integrated audit trail to make regulatory examinations more efficient.

A better solution for end-to-end model lifecycle management

Discover how data drives your AI and advanced analytics models with insight into sources. Foster transparency and explainability to enable stakeholders to better identify bias, detect model degradation and demonstrate more effectively.

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