ProEdge, a PwC Product

Stay ahead of the complex world of cyber, financial and compliance risks with upskilling

Equip your workforce with the skills and information they need to combat cybersecurity risks, prevent financial crime and stay ahead of emerging requirements with upskilling from ProEdge.

Get the skills you need to meet an ever-evolving threat landscape

Risk management is complex. Upskilling your workforce can make it easier.

Ready to grow your cyber, risk and financial defenses from within? ProEdge provides personalized learning paths tailored to risk professionals and beyond. With easily digestible short-form content, in-demand courses and hands-on learning experiences, your people can prevent attacks before they happen.

Identify emerging needs

ProEdge continuously monitors hundreds of millions of data points to help identify the leading skills that teams need to keep up with emerging risks and regulatory requirements.

Plan the learning journey

ProEdge’s artificial intelligence and machine learning are paired with PwC’s deep experience in cybersecurity, financial crimes, risk management, compliance and internal auditing to provide tailored, role-based learning paths.

Take ownership of new skills

ProEdge provides a single source of content and courses from a robust network of leading training providers including PwC, AICPA, FIS RegU, Immersive Labs, Pluralsight, Microsoft, AWS, Coursera, and more. Includes CPE-eligible courses.

Level up personalized learning

Learning is designed for your needs based on role and skill gaps. We use data, automation and AI to match people and content, allowing us to deliver a whole new level of personalized-adaptive learning.

Apply credentialing

Apply skills through realistic business scenarios related to the learner’s function through capstone projects, including finance, cybersecurity, risk, compliance and internal auditing. Capstone projects are reviewed and graded by a dedicated team of PwC staff.

Use cases for ProEdge

Professional upskilling

Create a culture of risk intelligence. Leaders — and board members — can stay prepared for cybersecurity and other risk challenges while learners can acquire the skills to stay on top of emerging threats and advance their careers.

Cyber Transformation

Go from potential cyber victim to cyber resilient with upskilling and threat intelligence solutions that can bring together the organization for a unified front against cyber threats. Our cybersecurity risk management solutions help your business manage risk exposure — end-to-end.

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See firsthand how ProEdge helps prepare your organization for tomorrow by upskilling your people today.


Stay up-to-date on risk, cyber, financial and industry trends, with access to 17,000+ learning assets from trusted sources of content. Snackable content, ranging from articles to podcasts to videos.


Gain digital knowledge and skills, with access to 15,000+ courses, helping to transform your organization’s capabilities with a culture built in risk and threat intelligence.


Apply skills such as cyber, anti-money laundering and fraud detection through realistic business projects related to your people’s function so you can mitigate risks from every corner of your business.

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