Risk Detect

Faster analytics and more intelligent testing with the power of AI.

Risk Detect by PwC

Risk Detect helps you get to key data points quickly and efficiently. From transactions, to loan document compliance, reviewing data to find the answer to a complex problem can be burdensome. This product does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Proactive risk identification: Whether fighting fraud, or cracking down on bribery and corruption, the keys to a successful transaction monitoring program are; proactive monitoring (including alerts, taking you to the source of the problem), and action frameworks that enable alerts to be managed from identification through remediation.

  • Reduce stare and compare reviews: Reduce the time-consuming and costly aspects of compliance testing by automating the document review process in a single platform. Check your complete portfolio in a fraction of the time it would take to manually test a smaller set.

  • Effortlessly integrate diverse data streams: Collect data from popular cloud applications and sort your disparate data, pulling myriad data sources into one stream for pattern recognition that is presented in compelling visualizations.

Risk Detect helps you capitalize on areas of convergence across compliance and fraud programs and align operational data with corporate strategies. We leverage advanced algorithms and AI, coupled with our unique industry experience, to help detect risks faster and with greater accuracy.

Risk Detect is the right analytics and testing tool for...

  • FCPA Compliance

  • ABAC

  • Corporate Payment Fraud

  • Loan Documentation Compliance

Discover the possibilities of proactive risk management today