Risk Link, a PwC Product

Help lead the way in risk and compliance excellence

Empower your risk management program with our integrated risk intelligence platform. Risk Link helps you streamline operations, maintain compliance, make strategic decisions and help drive enterprise value.

Staying ahead of an ever-changing risk landscape is challenging

Transform risk and compliance across your business with our intelligent solution

In our rapidly changing digital world, risk isn't just a challenge—it's an opportunity. Risk Link can be the compass helping you guide you towards the future of compliance excellence and increasing enterprise value. Set your organization apart from the competition and empower your growth strategy with a digital-first risk management strategy, streamlined efficiency and a proactive approach to risk

Leverage starter content to support transformation

Risk Link is built on PwC's risk and compliance experience. Our curated repository features over 100k+ regulations, processes, risks and controls. Access a variety of resources spanning privacy, ESG and more—sourced from PwC and other industry leading third parties

Harness the power of AI

Employ a large language model that is specifically trained on our global risk and regulatory insights and tuned to precision. Risk Link can help you leverage generative AI capabilities to help develop procedures, policies and tests with ease.

Get a 360-degree view of risk

Help accelerate system connectivity to gain greater visibility and control. Our APIs and integration fabric connect your GRC and ERP vendor data repositories to provide a single window into your risk and compliance operations. Risk Link can be implemented on your choice of cloud service providers for a flexible approach that fits your needs.

Gain a thorough blueprint to help maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate risks

Our intelligent solution helps you stay on top of regulatory changes, understand obligations for your business and automatically map new regulations to your existing risk and compliance processes and internal controls.

Utilize leading technology to help simplify operations and advance your compliance transformation

Leverage advanced analytics and generative AI to help revolutionize your risk and compliance program. Improve resource allocation and help find the answers you need to streamline risk management.

Access actionable insights and detailed reporting to unlock opportunities for your enterprise

Help deliver easily accessible information across your organization through high-resolution data visualizations. Apply prebuilt, integrated risk reports to support data-driven decision-making and empower your growth strategy.

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Get a demo of Risk Link

See firsthand how our integrated risk intelligence platform can help advance your risk management operations, empower strategic decision-making and unlock opportunities for increased enterprise value.

Get a proactive approach to risk to help safeguard your business

Learn how our near real time insights can help proactively address compliance challenges. Access our regulation change management dashboard to keep up on the latest regulatory obligations and more.

Lead the forefront of innovation with AI-driven tools

Find out how generative AI can help streamline operations. From legal and compliance to business operations, see how different teams can use our fine-tuned large language model to save time on everyday tasks.

Access a holistic view to empower strategic decisions

Discover how Risk Link offers one central vantage point to help build a faster understanding of compliance across your business. Apply unparalleled analytics and integrated reporting to support decision-making.

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