Third Party Tracker

Know who you are doing business with before it becomes a problem.

Knowledge worker using PwC Third Party Tracker

Third Party Tracker helps companies screen and manage third parties, identify upfront risks from potential partners, conduct due diligence, and monitor through the lifecycle of the relationship. With a fully digital approach, Third Party Tracker helps reduce the possibilities for human error and time wasted on repetitive work.

  • Reduce relationship risk: Go beyond due diligence with continuous monitoring and get real time alerts when a third party relationship experiences an event that could impact your business financially or reputationally.

  • Increase speed to close deals: Identify areas of upfront risk when performing due diligence prior to entering into new mergers or acquisitions.

  • Pinpoint with machine learning: Help prioritize response to risk more effectively and increase efficiency to reduce the overall impacts of threats.

Third Party Tracker offers an overall view of evolving risks with third parties and helps empower better compliance decisions. You get more insight into how threats connect to each other and back to your business.

Third Party Tracker is the right tool for:

  • Third party risk management

  • KYC

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