Third Party Tracker, a PwC Product

Reduce the risks of working with third parties

Our digital platform helps you screen and manage third parties, identify upfront issues from potential partners, conduct due diligence and monitor risk throughout the lifecycle of your business relationships.

Trustworthy third party relationships are more important than ever

Gain transparency and insights across your third party relationships

From reputational and compliance issues to cybersecurity threats, working with third parties can present costly risks. Third Party Tracker can help you vet, onboard and continuously monitor third parties in a centralized, automated platform to help safeguard your organization throughout the lifecycle of your relationships. Get an efficient third party risk management (TPRM) solution to help reduce costs, demonstrate compliance and build trust with customers, partners and stakeholders.

Utilize customizable workflows

Build a TPRM program that fits your organization. Configure personalized user roles, risk scoring, due diligence questionnaires and more branding to enhance your intake process. Manage ongoing process workflows so stakeholders can see what is relevant to them—to help drive consistency and accuracy.

Continuously risk monitoring

Go beyond due diligence with ongoing monitoring. Receive real-time alerts when a third party experiences an event that could impact your business. Safeguard your company against critical areas of third party risk including integrity, information security, privacy, physical security and ESG.

Adopt an integrated approach

We’ve designed a third party risk solution that can make your business more resilient. Built on PwC’s leading TPRM Framework and designed to complement PwC’s TPRM managed services, our highly configurable platform plugs into your existing workflows so you can assess risks from day one.

Proactively monitor your third-party network to identify relationship risks

Utilize data and analytics to monitor your third-party relationships and detect risks across multiple domains. Get alerts on risk-related issues for review and remediation. Gain a solid understanding of reputational, cybersecurity, financial and ESG risks on an ongoing basis.

Access executive dashboards and custom reporting to increase transparency

Get easy access to key performance and risk metrics. Automatically generate and export detailed and executive-level reports to gain a better understanding of your organization's risk exposure, controls, identified findings and more.

Get end-to-end risk management to streamline operations and improve efficiency

From onboarding to termination, automate your third party lifecycle to enable more effective and efficient TPRM process execution. Give each user appropriate levels of access to streamline reviews and approvals, and help provide a secure environment.

Get a demo of Third Party Tracker

Find out firsthand how our risk management solution can enhance third-party vetting, streamline onboarding and provide persistent third-party monitoring to help safeguard your organization’s operations and reputation.

Stay vigilant against evolving third party risks

Learn how you can regularly monitor risk exposure, end-to-end, to identify and mitigate threats. Assess multiple risk domains to help stay ahead of financial, reputational and other risk-related impacts to your business.

Easily visualize your risk exposure

See how you can access a single view of potential risk exposure across your network of suppliers, vendors and partners. Navigate easy-to-use dashboards featuring risk metrics and program performance insights.

Reduce business costs and enable global reach

Discover how Third Party Tracker can break down silos and promote cross-functional collaboration. Enable your teams to see relationships across the enterprise, resulting in enhanced risk coverage and long-term cost efficiencies.

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