Threat Intelligence Portal, a PwC Product

Safeguard your organization against cyber threats

Gain access to timely, tactical and strategic data from the cyber threat landscape that can help you make more informed strategic risk decisions.

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing as attackers evolve their tools and techniques.

What if you could get ahead of threat actors and make more informed decisions?

Insights on a threat actor’s next move is essential to help preempt an incident. Threat Intelligence Portal provides high confidence data to fuel more intelligent security operations and strategic decision-making. With timely, actionable reporting, organizations can proactively mitigate threats and shape future security strategies wisely.

Drive decisions with confidence

Make informed cybersecurity decisions with reports that go beyond technical indicators to include strategic analysis aimed at senior stakeholders. Grounded in continuous first-hand insight into the global threat landscape, and analysis of extensive proprietary and commercial sources, we provide you industry-leading threat intelligence.

Gain unparalleled, timely visibility

Inform your security organization on a broad range of potential attacks, including new and innovative techniques directly observed by PwC. Our GlobalThreat Intelligence team currently tracks and systematically analyzes more than 400 threat actors from around 27 different countries.

Enrich your cyber defenses

Enhance your own security investigations and threat hunting tactics. PwC divides the threat landscape according to the motivation of those behind cyberattacks, from espionage groups intent on conducting large scale intelligence-focused collection operations to hacktivist groups looking to disrupt an organization’s operations for what they believe is a just cause.

Stay ahead of cyber threats with regular reporting

Get strategic, technical, tactical or operational cyber threat updates tailored to enable risk-reducing decisions so you can go a step beyond simple emerging threat data.

Boost your detection and defense capabilities

With enhanced portal access, you can gain direct access to network IDS and malware detection rules to support and defend your organization. Compare your own security data against our intelligence holdings to detect malicious activity more quickly.

Access our analysts for immediate, personalized answers

Pose your pressing questions to our highly experienced intelligence analysts via a private chat channel. You can also access our custom-made virtual SOC assistant to help you remediate issues faster.

Case Study

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By identifying corruption risks early in the sales lifecycle, Microsoft is in a better position to help reduce risks and understand whether the correct controls are in place.

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Get a demo of Threat Intelligence Portal

Learn how PwC provides coverage for organizations throughout their threat intelligence journey — whether you’re developing an in-house threat intelligence function, supplementing your existing function with threat data feeds, or outsourcing the entire collection, analysis and distribution of threat intelligence.

Fuel security operations with high confidence threat intelligence data

See firsthand how Threat Intelligence Portal leverages PwC’s in-depth visibility into the global threat landscape to help organizations create more resilient security operations.

Get timely insights about the threat landscape

Browse sample intelligence reports, summary reports and threat actor reports to learn how PwC tracks, analyzes and shares intelligence gleaned from our own global IT estate, commercial and proprietary research systems directly in the portal.

Inform cybersecurity decisions with tailored contextual analysis

Our specialized, global Threat Intelligence team is composed of technical intrusion and malware analysts working alongside geopolitical and strategic researchers, coming from industry, national law enforcement, intelligence community, and military backgrounds. See how the Threat Intelligence Portal goes beyond technical data to include strategic intelligence that can help inform business decisions and uplevel your cyber security strategy.

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