Transparency Hub

for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Automated end-to-end transparency reporting.

Transparency Hub is a true all-in-one, cloud-based solution for global transparency reporting. Built by experienced professionals, it speeds and simplifies reporting.

  • Streamlined data processing: Deploying AI means your people spend less time doing the same work with greater accuracy, which means you submit more complete, more accurate reports that adhere to the latest regulations wherever you are thanks to automatic updates.

  • One system for global collaboration: A single view of your data reduces time to implement, and also scales to your business needs in a dynamic market with changing disclosure requirements.

  • Speed: Not only are the results fast, but getting Transparency Hub implemented is also quick. In fact, we can get you operational in as few as seven weeks.

Part of an end-to-end automated compliance experience

  • Mobile enabled

  • Intelligently automated

  • Powered by specialized PwC experience

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