Transparency Hub, a PwC Product

Simplify global transparency reporting with our holistic, cloud-based compliance solution

Don’t struggle with needless complexity when it comes to regulatory compliance. Let Transparency Hub do the heavy lifting. Focus on analysis with automated global transparency data management, remediation, and reporting.

Compliance can be an expensive line item

A digital solution can help align your compliance and reporting obligations with business operations

Disparate systems and manual processes can add significant — and unnecessary — challenges and costs to global transparency reporting. You need a way to help speed up and simplify processes to fulfill regulatory mandates. Transparency Hub incorporates automation to allow for end-to-end data management, reporting and audit trails.

Manage global transparency reporting with a single solution

We help manage global reporting and provide multilingual support. Transparency Hub stores business rules within a single system that’s updated as reporting requirements change. Pre-built, configurable filters take the guesswork out of analysis, providing real-time metrics and visualization.

Anticipate and respond to evolving transparency reporting requirements

As global compliance rules and regulations change, the system is updated regularly with new rules that reflect evolving guidance. Transparency Hub supports 100% of jurisdictions with transparency requirements.

Automate repetitive, manual processes

Shift your teams to strategic, high-value initiatives, support your global process needs and enable collaboration and quick follow-ups with internal and external stakeholders. Transparency Hub helps you monitor regulatory limits through analytics reporting and monitoring.

Access actionable insights to implement proactive risk identification

Receive alerts that take you to the source of the problem and empower your team to investigate quickly. Use case management and workflow capabilities to create a central virtual team room and generate a defensible record of actions.

Work better, smarter and faster

Fit for evolving reporting needs, Transparency Hub scales with you and takes the inefficiency out of transparency reporting. This user-friendly, all-in-one solution is automated: one system configured to your data instead of hours spent reformatting data into a static system’s preferred style.

Simplify regulatory compliance

The regulatory landscape is a moving target. Countries and regulatory bodies enact new transparency rules. Jurisdictions change their existing transparency regulations. PwC takes a proactive approach. With our global reach, we monitor compliance requirements across all 40 countries with regulations. Let us help you stay ahead of emerging requirements.

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Get a demo of Transparency Hub

Transparency Hub can be a key component of your healthcare compliance program. Built by experienced professionals,Transparency Hub is a next-generation solution that can help you meet the demands of today’s global transparency reporting landscape. Request a demo and learn how Transparency Hub can help your organization.

Streamline processes and reduce costs

Transparency Hub streamlines the global regulatory reporting process by automating the collection, remediation and disclosure of spend transparency data. We’ve embedded our subject matter expertise into the software logic to detect discrepancies in the data sets and prompt suggestions to reconfigure or merge records.

Report globally using one tool

Reduce the time, effort and errors associated with managing multiple reporting tools in different geographic regions. Transparency Hub’s enterprise dashboard provides a central platform with a single point of entry for 100% of countries' with reporting requirements across data sets and flexible reporting for state, federal or global regulations.

Manage global transparency reporting

As rules and regulations change, your system will update. Transparency Hub supports 100% of jurisdictions with transparency requirements. We can help manage reporting obligations, in one place. With cross-border, multi-lingual support, you can truly operate around the globe — with confidence and compliance.

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