Prepare for tomorrow’s cyber threats with digital upskilling and grow the cybersecurity talent your company needs from within.

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The cyber channel in ProEdge helps give your people the skills and tools to respond to an ever-changing cyber landscape. ProEdge is an end-to-end upskilling platform that delivers curated content and immersive, hands-on simulations of real-world situations within highly-personalized learning paths. Equip your people with critical cybersecurity skills and credentials they can apply immediately on the job to manage cyber risks and drive results for your business.

  • Make a plan: Identify the critical skills your talent needs to stay ahead of the shifting cyber landscape. ProEdge assesses existing skills within your organization to deliver targeted learning paths to build on urgent cyber capabilities.

  • Learn the skills: Learn through highly curated cyber-specific content and real-world, immersive activities. Learning experiences are designed with industry-leading courseware and the latest in workforce engagement methodologies.

  • Share your success: Learners can earn nine ProEdge credentials in areas like cyber incident management, cloud security, etc. These credentials help learners gain competency in skills relevant to function-specific tasks and can expand career options and cross-train employees across the organization.

With the non-stop emergence of cybersecurity threats, it’s more important than ever for businesses to stay vigilant. The cyber channel in ProEdge can help grow your cyber defenses within your organization through upskilling. Give your employees the skills and training they need to safeguard your organization against cyber attacks, disinformation and vulnerabilities.

The cyber channel in ProEdge is the right tool for:

  • Training and development

  • Digital upskilling

  • Addressing cyber resource needs

  • Improving cyber risk management and compliance

Coming soon:

  • ProEdge - digital upskilling for risk, compliance and internal audit professionals

  • ProEdge - digital upskilling for financial crime professionals

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