How upskilling can address your cyber talent shortage

Proactive, tech-enabled risk management can benefit everyone. Digitization has made so much possible, but this progress has amplified emerging threats.

Meeting the demands of the moment brings challenges. The threats are multiplying, but the talent pool to address them hasn’t.

There’s a high demand for cyber talent but a low supply. In the US, 50% fewer candidates are available than are needed in the cyber field. Globally, it was estimated that 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs went unfulfilled in 2021. Recruiting from campuses is a good place to start, but inexperienced hires lack your organization’s institutional knowledge—knowledge that could be critical in addressing the unique threats your organization faces in ways that align to your overall business objectives. 

Upskilling can help solve the cyber talent crisis

As executives and cybersecurity leaders prioritize their strategies and investments, look within to create a holistic team of cyber defenders—using upskilling as the secret weapon. At PwC, we met the cyber talent crisis head-on by developing a training program that curated training content from the world’s leading vendors. Using this vetted, industry-leading content, we developed personalized learning paths to make sure we were not only keeping our company safe but our clients as well. 

And now, we’ve made these curated, configurable cyber learning journeys available to help organizations tackle the challenges of the cyber talent shortage. 

Companies should devise actionable plans to address skill gaps from within their organizations.

Cloud security, security awareness, endpoint security and real-time threat intelligence capabilities are top priorities. Upskilling cyber talent is part of a future-forward risk management strategy that promotes growth rather than just protecting current value. 

Learn how ProEdge, a PwC product, provides cyber-specific experiential learning opportunities that can help future-proof your cybersecurity teams by upskilling for tomorrow’s threats today.

Learn more from our risk management thought leaders about the real-world impacts of these issues. 

Join PwC’s Suneet Dua and Vikas Agarwal at Compliance Week 2022 for their session, Proactive risk management for today’s threat landscape: Meeting the moment with tech and upskilling.

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