Third-party and supply chain risk solutions

Gain transparency and insight into the third parties your business works with — and get the defense you need to confidently move forward, together.

Reduce business costs. Improve service speed. Expand global reach.

Our technology can reduce the risks of working with third parties

From cybersecurity to compliance issues, working with third parties can present risks to your organization. Our tech-powered, human-led solutions offer transparency and help reduce risks — from onboarding to regular maintenance.

Build trust with continuous third-party risk management

Discover how our risk management solutions enhance third party vetting, streamline onboarding and provide persistent third-party monitoring to help maintain your organization’s safety.

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Designed with experience. Built to deliver impact.

An innovative approach

Our technology-powered risk management solutions and products help your business effectively manage risk exposure, end-to-end, so you can identify, mitigate and monitor threats.

Powered by technology

We employ the latest technology and AI-powered solutions to help your organization pinpoint and prioritize high-risk third parties, letting your team focus on what’s next.

Collaborative implementation

We work with experienced industry consultants and our clients to design, develop and implement tech-enabled third party risk management products and platforms that can make your business more resilient.

Third-party risk products


Risk Detect

Proactively identify and monitor potential risks to your business using the power of AI. Risk Detect is a flexible and seamless product that can effortlessly integrate diverse data streams, deliver speedy risk analysis and perform more intelligent testing to help safeguard your business.

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Third Party Tracker

Gain visibility into the operations of the third-party suppliers and businesses your organization works with. Third Party Tracker greatly reduces potential relationship and compliance risks, while increasing your operational speed and expanding your reach.

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Insights you need to manage third-party risks

How your board can oversee third-party risk

Given the sheer number of third parties on which companies rely and with whom they collaborate it’s important to evaluate and manage related risks. Boards can play an important...

Forge stronger, trustworthy business relationships

When it’s done right, a third-party risk management strategy can build trust and loyalty with customers, partners and stakeholders while safeguarding your business. Discover how tech-enabled third-party risk management can help you vet, onboard and monitor third parties.

A better way to manage the third-party risk lifecycle

Discover how PwC leverages tech to deliver enhanced third-party risk management (TPRM) services with a redesigned product that can help you manage third party relationships throughout the lifecycle across multiple risk domains.

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Discover how Risk Detect and Third Party Tracker can help solve your business challenges.

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