It’s clear that the risk and compliance landscape around us is evolving rapidly

Organizations are adopting a proactive approach in order to be prepared for these changes and respond to new laws and regulations, while protecting their business. To effectively do this they need to have the right technology on their side.

Our products are developed in collaboration with PwC’s practitioners who have decades of experience at the leading edge of risk, regulation, controls, compliance and more, to help you navigate one—or all—of the phases you’ll encounter throughout the risk lifecycle.

Financial & Economic Crime

Go beyond compliance to get ahead of bribery, corruption, fraud and money laundering.

Our approach

As regulators increasingly mandate a tech-first approach to solving the problems of financial crime, we have created a solution designed to help you keep the fraudsters at bay.

Cyber Defense

Transform your organization and drive growth, while staying resilient and preparing for the unexpected.

Our approach

Our cybersecurity solutions assist businesses with assessing and managing their cybersecurity risks, and enabling effective response to a myriad of potential threats.

Third Party Risk

Know who you’re doing business with and how they are conducting their services before it becomes a problem.

Our approach

We’ve configured our third party risk management technology to help you institute the lifecycle from end-to-end to make sure you can interact safely and responsibly with third parties.

Privacy Risk

Navigate the ever-evolving regulatory changes that are impacting data privacy.

Our approach

We’ve designed our privacy risk management offerings to help you handle the changing regulatory environment that can impact your organization, and can help implement a successful privacy program strategy.

ERP and SOX Risk & Compliance

Operational, Financial, and IT risk, controls, and compliance - Stay a step ahead of uncertainty.

Our approach

PwC offers extensive industry experience, a managed services operating model, and a cloud-based, proprietary intelligent analytics technology, to help reduce time spent on manual monitoring and testing activities.

Financial Services Compliance & Risk

Achieve sustained advantage by proactively managing risk and navigating regulatory changes.

Our approach

PwC understands how to help clients prepare for the unexpected, to effectively and efficiently handle change and proactively manage new regulatory challenges and risks with technology as they emerge.

Pharmaceutical Risk

Create an integrated, seamless experience for managing interactions with healthcare organizations, providers, and patients while enabling global transparency reporting at scale.

Our approach

Built with the right blend of technology and industry know-how, our solution helps you anticipate and respond to continually changing interaction and transparency requirements globally.