Financial & Economic Crime

Whether you are a bank, hospital, tech company or global retailer, go beyond traditional compliance requirements to get ahead of corruption, fraud and money laundering.

Whether it is bribery and corruption, fraud, anti-money laundering, or insider dealing, financial crime is a global problem. Detecting, and ultimately preventing, financial crime is rapidly becoming one of the greatest challenges for many organizations—impacting not just monetary losses but reputation, brand, culture, relationships and regulatory censure.

It is more important than ever to have a sophisticated, flexible tech-powered approach in place that reflects your culture, needs, and issues, and that addresses connections with related areas of financial crime.

How to address corruption with technology

Automation and analytics enable faster, more effective action against anti-bribery and corruption risk

As regulators increasingly mandate a tech-first approach to solving the problems of financial crime, we have created a solution designed to help you keep the fraudsters at bay.

Our Approach

Our team of former industry executives, ex-regulators and experienced consultants are innovative leaders with the insight, industry experience and regulatory knowledge to help your organization accelerate growth and sustain advantage in the marketplace.

Our Financial & Economic Crime Risk Management products

Ready Assess

Risk assessments at start-up speed

  • Get assessments on demand

  • Improve consistency across your enterprise

  • Promote process accountability

  • NIST assessments

Third Party Tracker

Know who you are doing business with before it becomes a problem

  • Reduce relationship risk

  • Increase speed to close deals

  • Pinpoint with machine learning

Risk Detect

Faster analytics and more intelligent testing with the power of AI

  • Proactive risk identification

  • Help reduce stare and compare reviews

  • Effortlessly integrate diverse data streams

Model Edge

Automated model risk management to stay ahead of increasing demand

  • Governance and validation made simple

  • Enhance coordination and operational benefits

  • Increase standardization and uncover opportunities

Insights on risk management at your fingertips

Take deeper dives into tech-enabled compliance excellence.

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Discover the possibilities of proactive risk management today

Examine the unique challenges of your risk function—and explore solutions

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