Pharmaceutical Risk

Manage interactions with healthcare organizations, providers, and patients while enabling global transparency reporting at scale.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies increasingly rely on third parties to create and market life-saving therapies on shorter timelines.

But the regulations, reporting requirements and ethical considerations surrounding the life sciences industry can significantly complicate interactions with third parties. These rules are constantly in flux and vary from one region to the next. The solution: a scalable platform to manage relationships more transparently and help fulfill complex reporting requirements—putting pharma and life science companies in control of their partner interactions.

How purpose-built tech can help pharmaceutical and life science companies streamline healthcare provider interactions

We’ve tailored this solution with pharmaceutical companies’ needs in mind. PwC’s 20-plus years of industry experience and regulatory knowledge are baked in to help you streamline HCP/HCO and patient interactions, reduce the pain and risk of compliance and navigate an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Our Approach

Our pharmaceutical risk management offering provides an integrated, seamless experience that helps manage life science companies’ interactions with healthcare providers, organizations and patients. The solution supports each phase of the interaction experience, from initial strategic planning through payment processing. From speaking and consulting engagements to grant programs and more, Interactions Hub for PLS helps you manage the end-to-end process all in one place.

Our offering also helps make reporting obligations easier than ever, with support for compliance rules in more than 40 countries built into the system. As well, a watchlist system keeps tabs on regulatory changes that might be coming down the pipeline. With multi-language support built in, you can truly operate across the globe, not just report on it.

Our Pharmaceutical Risk Management products

Interactions Hub

Streamline healthcare provider and patient interactions

  • Single system solution, for anyone, anywhere

  • Technology powered by experience

  • Intuitive process and interface

Transparency Hub

Automated end-to-end transparency reporting

  • Streamlined data processing

  • One system for global collaboration

  • Speed to implementation

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