Connected Identity, a PwC Product

Accelerate the speed of application onboarding

Improve the value of your identity access management investments with a faster, streamlined approach to application onboarding.

Onboarding applications to your identity and access management (IAM) solution can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive.

Expedite your deployment and automate integrations, securely.

Simplify onboarding and make IAM implementations faster, more secure and less costly. Deep cybersecurity and IAM consulting experience, combined with the latest technology, can help unlock the value of your existing identity investments, ease administration and accelerate your deployment time. All with scalability and flexibility via automated integrations with industry leaders such as Okta and SailPoint.

Employ a trustworthy approach

Our application design is informed by decades of experience, enabling us to align your application onboarding requirements to your unique business needs. And our breadth of experience helps to enhance the interoperability and portability of Connected Identity, supporting the growing number and evolving nature of applications at your organization.

Take the hassle out of onboarding with rapid integration

Integrate your enterprise applications with your identity and access management solutions. Connected Identity is designed to help reduce complexity and accelerate deployment at scale. A centralized view of which applications are onboarded, and which are not, can help you build confidence and gain control.

Identify, measure and mitigate risk

Identify IAM capability delivery by application with real-time reporting with dashboards showing progress, gaps and risks presented in the environment. Enable risk scoring configuration and onboarding prioritization based on business needs while identifying configuration challenges for applications. Integrate with a centralized repository that can provide additional technical context for IT, security and audit organizations.

Simplify onboarding at scale

Connected Identity can help streamline application onboarding while strengthening your enterprise identity and management (IAM) initiatives. With Connected Identity, you can customize your onboarding workflow to capture unique products and capabilities. Automate workflows and communications with key stakeholders. And experience onboarding without being overwhelmed.

Reduce complexity

Increase efficiency and automate manual workflows while building a better experience for your application owners. Experience lower cost of ownership with built-in update and workflow notifications that can help quickly address missing information or details. Apply repeatable processes and help reduce the burden of filling out forms and answering questions by relying on pre-collected data.

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Get a demo of Connected Identity

Discover how you can help make application onboarding faster and simpler — and build confidence and control in your IAM program.

Enable secure onboarding at scale

Streamline application onboarding while strengthening your IAM initiatives. Automate communications with stakeholders.

Reduce complexity and automate workflows

Increase efficiency and automate manual workflows while building a better experience for your application owners. Experience lower cost of ownership with built-in update and workflow notifications that can help you quickly address missing information or details.

View progress and identify gaps and risks

Central views and dashboards enable identification of gaps within IAM capabilities. So you can realize and address needed capabilities such as multi-factor authentication where it has not yet been deployed.

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