Ready Assess

Risk assessments at start-up speed.

Ready Assess by PwC

Ready Assess helps empower your organization to think faster and act quicker to stay on top of the ever-changing world of risk. It helps streamline risk assessments into a single platform—making the entire process visual, interactive, trackable and actionable.

  • Get assessments on demand: The end-to-end risk assessment process is consolidated in one place digitally so you can see results whenever you want and know your resources are allocated to the right initiatives.

  • Improve consistency across your enterprise: With all your assessment questions organized into a template you control, your process can be standardized for more dependable scoring throughout your various lines of business.

  • Promote process accountability: Utilize a fully searchable audit history of actions taken on any assessment to help understand who or what data drove a given response and gain a better view of your historic decision making.

Ready Assess helps organizations proactively make risk management decisions based on data. By doing so, companies can manage potential risks and pressures more effectively, while also saving time and money.

Ready Assess is the right assessment tool for...

  • AML

  • Fraud

  • Privacy

  • Cyber

Discover the possibilities of proactive risk management today