Ready Assess, a PwC Product

Risk assessments just got a whole lot easier, faster and more reliable.

Tackle risks head on with a risk assessment platform that works across industries and systems. Gather, analyze and share critical risk assessment information faster and more efficiently — in one centralized location.

Risk is evolving. It’s time to do the same for risk assessments.

Unleash the power of Ready Assess so you can help mitigate risks before they materialize

Ready Assess leverages PwC’s deep industry experience to provide a dynamic, data-driven risk assessment platform with a digital approach that helps provide streamlined assessments and data-backed insights into risks to empower your business to think faster and respond quickly to threats

More efficiency

Transform repetitive tasks and time-consuming spreadsheets into a digital, data-driven approach supported by automation. Ready Assess helps build and send reports more quickly, helping improve reporting time from weeks to minutes.

More accountability

Access an ever-expanding central repository of assessment questions, templates and relevant content that can adapt to disruptions and trends. Highly configurable templates that can virtually support any assessment you may need, helping to make it easier to get answers and report information.

More control

Assessment, reviews, workflows and reporting – with everything organized into templates that you can control, processes can be standardized for more dependable scoring throughout your various lines of business.

Get a consistent approach to risk assessment

With templates you can configure and control, your risk assessments can be kept standardized and up-to-date for greater efficiency and dependable scoring throughout your various lines of business. Standard processes also include built-in controls to help increase consistency and efficiency.

Know when and why actions occur

Create tailored evaluations and enhance risk quantification with dynamic tools. Use the searchable audit history of actions taken on any assessment and better understand the decision-making process — helping to promote transparency and accountability throughout your organization.

See risks differently so you can know how to stop them

Interactive reporting allows you to segment data and create visually-rich charts so you can share the big picture or drill deeper to gain new insights. Predictive tools can help explore scenarios to help marry data with trends to better understand where you’re headed.

Use cases for Ready Assess

Financial and economic crime

Ready Assess enables streamlined regulatory compliance and can help prevent you from becoming an unwitting vehicle for financial crime by establishing a unified front against bad actors. Make Ready Assess a part of your efforts in anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery anti corruption (ABAC), fraud prevention and more.

Cyber transformation

Support the transformation and enhancement of your cyber defenses. Ready Assess can helps you ditch the spreadsheets and disparate systems and centralize your cyber risk assessment process into one platform.

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Get a demo of Ready Assess

Take a proactive approach to better understanding and managing risks with data-driven insights, enhanced efficiency and a clear audit trail.

Free your team from tedious tasks

Spend less time on manual tasks and more time knowing what risks and controls to focus on.

Build consistency and standardization

Standardized processes with built-in controls can help reduce human error and drive dependable scoring across the organization.

Promote collaboration and accountability

Timeline tracking and a searchable audit history of actions taken on your assessment helps enables deeper insight into decision-making.

Client and industry agnostic

Ready Assess is flexible to fit any assessment needs within your organization and adaptable to help cover risks and control taxonomies across sectors.

Empower data-driven decision making

Ready Assess integrates dynamic data sources, balancing both quantitative and qualitative risk inputs to help give you a holistic view of risk.

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