Meet modern compliance: Using AI and data to manage business risk better

Compliance programs must use robust technology and data analytics to assess their own actions and those of any third parties they do business with. At the very least, companies are expected to be able to explain the rationale for using third parties.

This is a compliance game-changer.

Historically, organizations could argue that they simply did not have the information available to identify potential compliance dissonance across their networks: the “needle in a haystack” defense.

Read "Meet modern compliance: Using AI and data to manage business risk better" to learn:

  • How underestimating strategic risk is one of the top causes of shareholder value destruction

  • How the combination of data analytics and artificial intelligence can give organizations a competitive advantage and mitigate risk along the value chain

Organizations are now expected to show that they are leveraging data and applying modern analytics to draw insights and navigate the risks across their entire business network.

A rapidly changing risk and regulatory landscape is challenging organizations to revisit how they manage compliance in order to increase effectiveness, reduce costs, and build trust.

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