Professional upskilling solutions

Give your people the skills they need to understand cyber threats, financial crimes and regulatory compliance risks — and what they can do to help stop them.

Help prevent attacks. Safeguard your business.

Stay ahead of risks with homegrown talent

Greater business defense starts with a greater workforce that knows risk. Get there with personalized learning pathways that empower your teams to action and prevent threats — from anti-money laundering to cyber threat intelligence to regulatory compliance.

Using upskilling to address the cyber skills shortage

Discover how upskilling can help ramp up cyber capabilities, close the talent gap and keep your organization steps ahead of fast-evolving risks.

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Upskilling the next generation of risk management professionals

Tech-led threat intelligence

Our professional upskilling services provide AI-enabled, personalized content and credentials for cybersecurity, financial crime and risk, compliance and internal audit professionals. Our robust library of vetted resources equips teams with the skills to keep your company safe.


We’re persistently scanning the horizon for emerging threats and regulatory changes to curate content, courses and resources to help your people meet future challenges with the right skills and experiences.

United in experience and experience

We’ve taken our deep experience in advising boards and business leaders in cyber, risk and regulatory compliance and combined it with our own tools, templates and frameworks to help grow resilience from within.

Professional upskilling products



Future-proof your organization with upskilling. ProEdge can give your people targeted training focused on building the right skills at the right time to meet the challenges of the threat landscape today –– and tomorrow.

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Board Central

Raise the bar for board oversight. Board Central can provide boards with the tools, insights, and resources to help strengthen their role in overseeing cybersecurity defense and complying with regulatory guidance.

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Insights you need to upskill cyber and risk talent

Addressing the cyber skills shortage

Explore how upskilling can help you close cyber skill gaps, address the cyber talent crisis and support cybersecurity strategies that can shield your organization from online threats.

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How to help future-proof risk management in an era of disruption

Learn how PwC’s risk management recommendations, combined with our team experience and products, can boost board confidence, help drive revenue growth and improve operational resilience.

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Upskilling the next generation of risk, compliance and audit officers

This blog post explores how ProEdge offers content and credentials to help your risk function upskill the next generation of risk, compliance and audit officers.

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