Internal controls and application security

Keep pace with changing landscapes, from macroeconomic conditions to regulatory requirements, to ensure you’re mitigating risk across the enterprise now and in the future.

Identify risks. Automate controls. Reduce the cost of compliance.

Technology that automates compliance.

The cost and complexity of compliance is an escalating challenge for nearly every company. Our solutions help you stay ahead of the unknown and protect your business. It’s time to take a fresh look at your company’s approach to internal controls.

Managing risk amid economic volatility

Discover a smarter way to weather economic volatility, while streamlining compliance operations. An informed and automated approach to monitoring and testing controls to drive more value for your organization.

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Our expertise

Our technology solutions are infused with trusted, PwC knowledge to manage today's business risks

Control the unexpected

Trusted PwC intellectual property woven throughout our solutions can help you reduce blindspots, deliver transparency and increase awareness across your controls environment.

Data driven control automation

Cross application, data driven controls and application security solutions enable your teams to deliver meaningful insights, to be practice rather than reactive.

Reduce the cost of compliance

Implementing digital solutions that can automate time-consuming manual activities while satisfying compliance and regulatory demands can be key to carefully navigating labor disruption.

Security and controls automation products


Enterprise Control

Based on PwC’s enterprise application security and controls knowledge, our product can help to save you time and money by helping you automate the operation and testing of your internal controls.

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Insights you need to implement powerful internal controls and robust application security

Five key ways to help rethink your enterprise controls approach

Tech-enabled solutions can help your organization revamp their controls approach, gain stakeholder trust, save time and stay compliant.

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How to help future-proof risk management in an era of disruption

Learn how PwC’s risk management recommendations, combined with our team experience and products, can boost board confidence, help drive revenue growth and improve operational resilience.

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How technology can enable proactive risk management

Explore how to successfully navigate governance, risk and compliance and build trust among stakeholders with tech solutions that enable proactive risk management.

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Learn more about our security and controls automation solutions.

Discover how our team can help transform your controls and compliance processes with automation and analytics.

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