Data and privacy risk

Unlock the value of your business, customer and vendor data in a secure and ethical way — even as regulatory and privacy requirements evolve.

Safeguard data. Reduce privacy risk. Navigate regulatory changes.

Our technology helps give you the confidence to embark on first-party data collection and responsible data use, storage and disposal.

Organizations that build a formal governance program across their data “lifecycle”— generating, safeguarding , governing and disposing of data — can have a great opportunity for success. Our tech-powered, human-led solutions help responsibly manage your data and address privacy compliance across your organization.

Fight financial crime with streamlined risk assessment

Addressing the heightened risks of financial crime in the digital age means businesses should have a robust risk assessment process in place.

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Designed with experience. Built to safeguard while delivering value.

Mitigate risk while managing data

Our technology-powered risk management solutions and products can help your business build an effective data lifecycle management program so you can help identify, mitigate and monitor privacy risk.

Leverage AI technology

We employ updated technology and AI-powered solutions, helping your organization effectively manage data discovery and governance.

Increase accountability

Our experienced privacy professionals can help you streamline and standardize the risk assessment process and data privacy risk management in ways that promote radical visibility— and accountability for all.

Data and privacy risk products


Ready Assess

Consolidate data and privacy risk assessment due diligence into a single, visual, trackable and actionable effort. Ready Assess helps illustrate how threats connect to each other and how your controls can impact your risk.

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Connected Identity

Simplify and scale your identity program. Connected Identity can help unlock the value of your identity investments, streamlining application onboarding and accelerating deployment so you can focus on security and operations.

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Cyber-ready today and for tomorrow

Get ahead of bad cyber actors

Enterprises are taking more critical steps than ever before to manage evolving cyber threats. How will yours use its resources to be cyber-ready for what comes next?

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Three cybersecurity plays to help meet the challenges of increased digitization

Cyber threats to industries, governments and supply chains continue to proliferate. Find out how to defend against them using a blend of people, tech and strategy.

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Addressing the compliance skills shortage

How upskilling can help you stay ahead of emerging threats with homegrown talent. Explore how upskilling can help you close risk and compliance skill gaps and support risk mitigation strategies that can safeguard your organization from threats.

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