Financial and economic crime risk solutions

Detect and address fraud, money laundering, and illicit transactions with advanced analytics, data visualization, and automation designed to help mitigate risk.

Enable early warning systems. Take decisive action. Stop corruption in its tracks.

Our technology helps you address corruption

Automate financial crime compliance with machine learning solutions so you can help stop corruption faster, manage and monitor third parties more effectively –– and ultimately reduce overall business costs.

Fight financial crime with streamlined risk assessment

Discover how proactive risk management can help you successfully automate financial crime compliance processes.

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Our expertise

Preemptive risk and financial crime management technology

Increase transparency

Our data analytics and automation can help businesses manage risk and monitor partners throughout their engagement lifecycle, well beyond traditional due diligence, shining a light on potential areas more susceptible to financial crime.

Simplify risk assessment with powerful tech

Consolidate your risk assessment process into a single interactive and trackable visual with a centralized view across your model universe. Use tools, test scripts and templates to help make the risk management process easier.

Reduce regulatory risk

Our automated approach to compliance enables you to detect and stop financial crime faster and more effectively, reducing regulatory risk and overall business costs.

Financial and economic crime products


Ready Assess

Streamline and digitize data collection and assessment to promote accountability across your business and third-party partnerships. Ready Assess is an anti-money laundering and fraud risk assessment platform that performs risk assessments, using data-driven actionable insights to help safeguard your business.

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Model Edge

Accelerate your model development capabilities, gaining insights into potential risk as you scope and assess new ventures. Model Edge is a cloud-based platform that enables holistic management, monitoring and governance of an organization’s portfolio of models.

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Enhance your knowledge in financial crime compliance with a custom training program designed for professionals in the field. ProEdge is an end-to-end upskilling platform providing invaluable insights and practical skills to effectively address financial crimes and safeguard your organization's integrity and reputation.

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Insights you need to manage financial and economic crime

Confronting financial crime with tech-enabled risk assessments

Get a holistic view of evolving business risk to empower better, proactive decision-making and compliance across your financial organization.

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Advancing model risk management with emerging tech

*Protecting financial institutions during model development and validation * Learn how financial institutions can avoid the pitfalls of model risk management (MRM) and leverage powerful tech to automate compliance tasks, keep pace with regulatory requirements and save time.

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Addressing the compliance skills shortage

How upskilling can help you stay ahead of emerging threats with homegrown talent. Explore how upskilling can help you close risk and compliance skill gaps and support risk mitigation strategies that can safeguard your organization from threats.

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