Pharmaceutical and life sciences solutions

A scalable platform to help manage relationships more transparently and help fulfill complex reporting requirements — putting your company in control of your third-party interactions.

Streamline your risk compliance, reporting, and interactions

Our technology can help you understand your existing data structures, or lack thereof, and help uncover ways to digitize

In today's ever-changing regulatory environment, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are likely grappling with increasing compliance costs, patent cliffs and changing drug pricing regulations. PwC's Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (PLS) risk and regulatory professionals understand these challenges and have developed cutting-edge technology solutions that not only make compliance more efficient but also drive value for PLS companies.

Building a robust tech-enabled program

Discover how advanced data and technology solutions can help increase the effectiveness of compliance programs, freeing up your team to focus on the future.

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Deep industry knowledge that can help power compliance transformation

A proactive approach

Instead of being reactive to the ever-changing realities of PLS, our sophisticated systems can help you assess and monitor risk with the speed expected in today’s world to level up your organization’s risk management game.

A true end-to-end process

Our solutions help support each phase of the interaction experience, from initial strategic planning to payment processing, and make reporting obligations easier than ever.

Design backed by experience

PwC's tailored risk management solutions are designed with your industry needs in mind. Our 20-plus years of experience and regulatory knowledge can help you streamline HCP/HCO and patient interactions, reduce the pain and risk of compliance, and navigate the complex healthcare environment.

Health industries products


Interactions Hub

Streamline HCP Engagement with Interactions Hub. Our solution can help you handle HCP engagement activities, including advisory boards, consulting service agreements, speaker programs, external funding and more. This global, mobile-enabled, and flexible solution deeply supports a full range of end-to-end interactions and integrates seamlessly with other systems.

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Transparency Hub

Simplify global transparency reporting with Transparency Hub. Tackle your global transparency challenges by reducing inefficiency and creating audit trails for generating reports anywhere in the world. This secure, enterprise-grade solution can take data in any format, identify issues and help you correct them.

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Risk Detect

Risk Detect, a PwC product, digitizes risk assessment and compliance monitoring to drive more efficiency. Using AI to identify and flag high-risk activity, our technology helps your organization reduce the frequency and impact of fraudulent transactions.

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Insights you need to manage Health Industries risks

How purpose-built tech can help pharmaceutical and life science companies streamline healthcare provider interactions

In today’s hypercompetitive pharmaceutical and life sciences (PLS) industry, strategic partnerships are more critical than ever.

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Understanding the true cost of transparency reporting

Many PLS companies are still struggling with outsized expenses and needless complexity when it comes to regulatory compliance. When the regulatory hammer came down.

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Next-gen compliance for pharmaceutical and life science companies

PwC’s Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (PLS) risk and regulatory professionals help our clients tackle their compliance and regulatory challenges.

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Don't let the challenges of regulatory compliance hold you back.

Embrace the future of risk management with PwC's holistic solutions and take control of your pharmaceutical and life sciences interactions today.

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